Defective, Yet Delightful

This morning, in my personal devotions, I became reacquainted with a very odd passage of Scripture. In Leviticus 21, God presents himself as the Sovereign One who is not so concerned with equal rights. According to modern thinking, God seems to be so crass and out of vogue. He is not culturally sensitive or politically correct. He discriminates. Hear Moses’ words: Leviticus 21:16–24   … More Defective, Yet Delightful

Where Is Your Clerical Collar?

Originally, Adam, Noah, Job, and Abraham were priests of God. They were the ones responsible for offering sacrifices and leading acceptable worship in their local parishes. Following this dispensation in biblical history, the Aaronic priesthood came into play. Worship in individual households was augmented by corporate worship in the larger assembly. Fathers and mothers were still to train their … More Where Is Your Clerical Collar?