Customary Prayer

Jesus is running out of time. He has less than twenty-four hours before his crucifixion, death, and burial. He is running out of energy. The Son of God has already put in a full day, and as he approaches his date with the cross, he is already emotionally spent. His desperate condition is seen through the imploring of his dearest friends … More Customary Prayer

The House of Pain and Comfort

What are you going to do with your pain and sorrow? Many of you are severely tortured by your inward struggle with anger, lust, fear, pride, self-worship, and lack of self-control. This has led you to self-help or self-medicate or self-numb, and it has only heaped further sorrow upon your soul. In addition, many of you are broken hearted over the depreciation of … More The House of Pain and Comfort