We, who are most humbled, dance best!

The Haughty Worshiper The arrogant worshiper is a self-made man. He reviews himself, likes what he sees, and gives himself a pat on the back for setting higher goals, choosing the narrow road, working harder, taking advantage of opportunities, making something of himself, and being exceptional. The arrogant worshiper is also a self-righteous man. He looks into the mirror … More We, who are most humbled, dance best!

Do You Hate Your Show?

Jesus was the friend of sinners. When he was approached by men and women who considered themselves spiritually destitute, guilty, condemned, and without hope, he was incredibly gracious. Kind actions and tender words of affection flowed forth from his lips towards such totally deprave folk.. However, Jesus was not a friend of many Pharisees, Sadducees, Priests, Scribes, … More Do You Hate Your Show?