Faithfulness, Faithlessness, and Faith-Based Folly

In Numbers 13, God communicated to Moses and the Israelites. They were to send spies into Canaan to survey the land and ascertain the best means by which they could conquer and lay hold of their divine inheritance. Moses obeyed, and off the spies went. Upon their return, all agreed the Promised Land flowed with … More Faithfulness, Faithlessness, and Faith-Based Folly

I’m OK, you’re OK, only because He’s OK

There are some people who could not care what others think. I want us to become one of them. Listening to the Gospel, I want us to totally ignore what our wicked flesh says, what our culture says, what our friends often say, what the Law always says, and that which Satan screams in your ear. Because we are clothed in … More I’m OK, you’re OK, only because He’s OK