We Are Ministers and Not Messiahs

As elders in Christ’s church, we often take ourselves, our ministries, our successes, and our failures to personally and seriously. Sometimes we over-think our importance in God’s Kingdom due to ignorance. Somewhere in our training someone has impressed upon us that we really have the ability to change hearts, change families, and change communities. We prove … More We Are Ministers and Not Messiahs

The Sinful Grandfather, His Sinful Son, and His Cursed Grandson

Noah was declared righteous. (6:8)  Despite being of the sinful seed of Adam and Eve, he found grace and favor in the eyes of the Lord. Yes, despite his being a horrible sinner and deserving of the judgmental flooding of the Lord, he found himself rescued by the Savior. Noah lived righteously. (6:22ff)  He did … More The Sinful Grandfather, His Sinful Son, and His Cursed Grandson

Evaluating the Elder

In the Old Testament, God used the terms prophet, priest, elder, judge, and father somewhat interchangeably. While God was Israel’s Chief Shepherd, he consistently provided sinful and redeemed under-shepherds to lead, protect, correct, and nourish his people. In the New Testament, God used different labels: elder, pastor, shepherd, teacher, priest, presbyter, and bishop were all used interchangeably. Again, there was … More Evaluating the Elder