Time to Grow Up

Hillary Clinton made the news again this week as she bemoaned the number of millennials who found it convenient and desirable to graduate from college and move into their parents’ basement. On this point, and probably this point alone, Sectetary Clinton and I are in agreement. Children need to grow up! Laura (my wife) and … More Time to Grow Up

Christian Growth

In the Old Testament, Samuel is an individual who can be admired. He is not perfect. He is not without sin. He is not without need for a Savior. However, despite his original sin and total depravity, he is a Christian hero to be admired. And what do we know of this saint? 1 Samuel … More Christian Growth

Morning Musing

I am no one without Jesus. Just put my name on the sheet with Lucifer, Pharaoh, Judas, Herod, and Demas. Without Jesus, I am just a God-despising rebel wishing I could be rid of God’s influence so I could rule my life. I am someone incredibly loved by Jesus. Before the beginning of time, it … More Morning Musing