Divine Sovereignty, Human Responsibility, and Inclusive Evangelism

How do we rightly understand the sovereignty of God alongside the responsibility of man? How do we deal with the theological tension between the freely decretive will of God and the freely depraved will of man? Yes, great have been the conversations of our deceased Calvinistic and Arminian fathers. Great remain the arguments between the … More Divine Sovereignty, Human Responsibility, and Inclusive Evangelism


Are you laboring hard? In your school, are you going at it to make the grade or make the team? In your business, are you pushing it hard to make a deal, make a profit, make a living and a future? In your home, are you laboring to make a solid marriage and make a … More Refreshment

A Better Husband

John Calvin wrote, “The Law was, as it were our husband, under whose yoke we were kept until it became dead to us.” What did our vaunted Christian father mean by such a statement? Had he become liberal and licentious in regards to God’s standards? Should he be grouped with those labeled “Antinomian?” Was he … More A Better Husband