Who Impresses Jesus?

Jesus is walking through the Temple, and he is not so impressed. In Mark 12, we see Jesus surrounded by religious people discounting his deity. About him are many ministers seeking to undermine and arrest him. They do not appreciate his teaching. Hypocrites are asking him question after questions about thinks like Roman taxation and marriage in … More Who Impresses Jesus?

Come Away and Rest

The friends of Jesus are back from several weeks of fervent activity. The Messiah has sent them out on their first road trip. He has given them instructions, information, and an ample supply of the Holy Spirit. He has given them their charge, and he has also given them reason for caution as well. For sure, … More Come Away and Rest

Pigs and Profit, or the Prophet and his People?

Do you know how much a pig costs? According to one website, you can purchase them from between $50 and $1000. It appears the price depends upon the kind, size, age, health, and gender of the animal. Prices vary depending upon whether you are buying the pig for consumption or for breeding. They also differ based upon whether you are buying … More Pigs and Profit, or the Prophet and his People?