Manipulative Ministers

In recent days, Jesus has shown his compassion, power, and glory. Lazarus has been healed of his disease and publicly raised from the grave. As a result, Mary and Martha have been healed of their doubt and unbelief; their faith has been improved. Meanwhile, the disciples who have been watching, they have grown in their amazement of the Son of God who brings men from death to … More Manipulative Ministers

Won’t You Admit It So You Can Enjoy It?

The doctrine of predestination is one that troubles many a soul. To a segment of Christendom, predestination is a misrepresentation of God and Scripture. To them, one ought not present a Deity who sovereignly selects, before the beginning of time, to deliver justice to some and mercy to others. Therefore, many in anti-predestinarian camps disagree with the … More Won’t You Admit It So You Can Enjoy It?