Far, Near, and One

Before our divine appointment with the Holy Spirit, we were dead in our trespasses and sins. Horribly, we walked according to the game-plan of this world and followed the leadership of the Prince of Darkness. Consequently, we were sons of disobedience who naturally and habitually followed the fluctuating whims of our fleshly lusts. Therefore, because of our exceeding … More Far, Near, and One

He Holds Out His Hands

Paul’s heart is broken for his countrymen. From his own personal experience, he understands how immersed someone can be in zealous religion and yet remain so far from divine reconciliation and intimacy. It grieves Paul that his Jewish brothers and fathers are so religiously active and remained relationally alienated. It gives him no pleasure to quote Isaiah: But of Israel he says, “All day long I have held … More He Holds Out His Hands

The Pagan, the Pious, and those Perishing

Paul was loving and humiliating his readers. It mattered not whether they were Jewish or Gentile. He cared not whether they were rank Romans or holy Hebrews. Whether irreligious or religious, whether immoral or moral, whether church abstainers or church attenders, Paul sought to help all his friends by forcing them to bow their knees before the Holy Judge. He began by humbling the pagan: … More The Pagan, the Pious, and those Perishing