Transparent, Humble, and Reputable

As a child, Daniel was exceptional. He was amongst the brightest and finest of his day. His talents were recognized and targeted for reeducation and promotion by those in charge of leadership development in the kingdom of Babylon. As a man, he proved worthy of their efforts. He was knowledgeable, wise, and faithful. Kings came and kings went, but all of … More Transparent, Humble, and Reputable

Beware! … Jesus Sees Right Through You

Many scandalous people heard gracious words from the mouth of Jesus. Those who considered themselves totally depraved, unrighteous, guilty, wretched, vile, and without hope, found themselves warmed by the Friend of Sinners. Jesus pursued such, dined with such, taught them truth, touched their souls, pronounced them clean, and set them forth on the path of holiness. However, many devoutly … More Beware! … Jesus Sees Right Through You