Quit Lying to Yourself

We all live in the presence of deluded friends. Some have an inflated view of their own character, talents, and accomplishments due to the constant press coming from parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, coaches, ministers, peers, and groupies. From the outside, they consistently hear how sharp they are, and they believe what people are saying. Other … More Quit Lying to Yourself

Proper Self-Assessment

Jesus Christ is the exalted Son of God who humbles himself. Interestingly, all around Jesus are humiliated sons of man who seek to exalt themselves. Our Great Teacher has little fondness for those who are great in their own eyes. Towards such he offers tough words of rebuke and condemnation. Instead of being arrogant self-righteous … More Proper Self-Assessment

A Tale of Two Houses

In Matthew 26, two houses are presented. The first house is extravagantly beautiful, but there is nothing within but satanically driven self-worship. Christ is not present. In the second house, there is a mixture of true and false worship, but it is the house in which Christ is present and honored. It is not extravagantly … More A Tale of Two Houses