From Selfish to Selfless

Lucifer is a selfish individual. He cares not about giving God the glory due his name. He cares not about the damage he has done to Adam, Eve, and their progeny. Satan winces not at the cursed condition of the planet. No, Lucifer only has eyes for himself. He is consumed with his own pleasure, power, and promotion. Herod, as presented in … More From Selfish to Selfless

A Sweet and Sour Eschatology

Postmillenialists believe the world is getting better. According to their interpretation of certain scriptures, righteousness will gradually cover the land, God’s ethic will be more and more realized, and only after the Christianization of the nations will Jesus come again. A positive attitude towards the world’s temporal future is preached, encouraged, and (I might say) pretended. But there … More A Sweet and Sour Eschatology

Jesus in a Bottle

Friends, do we find ourselves more interested in what Jesus immediately offers rather than who Jesus is and what Jesus desires? If so, we are in a large group of religious people who are finding Jesus somewhat interesting for the time being, but will find him not so fulfilling in the end. In the scriptural text at hand, Pilate had already … More Jesus in a Bottle