Real Men Cry

I try not to tear up. Believe me, I have no desire to be known as a sappy sentimentalist. However, truth be known, I cry quite often, and as I am getting older it seems my eyes leak more than ever. I tear up when I watch certain movies. At times, my eyes get moist when … More Real Men Cry

Do You Hate Your Show?

Jesus was the friend of sinners. When he was approached by men and women who considered themselves spiritually destitute, guilty, condemned, and without hope, he was incredibly gracious. Kind actions and tender words of affection flowed forth from his lips towards such totally deprave folk.. However, Jesus was not a friend of many Pharisees, Sadducees, Priests, Scribes, … More Do You Hate Your Show?

Beware! … Jesus Sees Right Through You

Many scandalous people heard gracious words from the mouth of Jesus. Those who considered themselves totally depraved, unrighteous, guilty, wretched, vile, and without hope, found themselves warmed by the Friend of Sinners. Jesus pursued such, dined with such, taught them truth, touched their souls, pronounced them clean, and set them forth on the path of holiness. However, many devoutly … More Beware! … Jesus Sees Right Through You