Our Epitaph

This is the epitaph of Creation: first all was dark and void; then there was light. This is the epitaph of Jesus Christ: in the midst of darkness, light came into the world. This is the epitaph of Enoch; in the midst of an evil generation; he was a ray of light. You see, in … More Our Epitaph

Customary Prayer

Jesus is running out of time. He has less than twenty-four hours before his crucifixion, death, and burial. He is running out of energy. The Son of God has already put in a full day, and as he approaches his date with the cross, he is already emotionally spent. His desperate condition is seen through the imploring of his dearest friends … More Customary Prayer

Genesis 1-3 Same Rebellion, Different Response

In the first two chapters of Genesis, Moses records the creation of the universe. God imagined the most perfect planet, and with effortless ease he perfectly created it. He spoke it into existence, and when paradise was complete, He began work on his masterpiece. Men and women were made different than all other creatures; they … More Genesis 1-3 Same Rebellion, Different Response