Humble Calvinists … Anything Else is Ludicrous

Pharaoh was a religious man who had a great measure of intellectual, spiritual, and theological belief. And with each advancing plague, he believed more and more truth about God, Moses, and himself. However, after suffering multiplied and horrific consequences due to his rebellion — bloody Nile water, an infestation of frogs, gnats, and flies, the ruining … More Humble Calvinists … Anything Else is Ludicrous

Save Yourself?

Can a good Calvinist encourage someone to “choose Jesus?”  Yes, I know the Bible teaches that men are so horribly deprave that they will not — even cannot — call upon Christ on their own. No one seeks God. No one naturally and independently chooses him.  I also know that God’s Word speaks of God’s … More Save Yourself?

Whose Will Matters Most?

An unaltered free will may be something loved and cherished by some, but by those who understand the Scripture, humanity, and their own troubled hearts, free will is not something in which to find glory. The Free Will of God Before the beginning, God began with the end in mind and decreed whatsoever his will desired. Then, in the beginning, … More Whose Will Matters Most?