What is God doing in the Middle East … Are you sure?

Do you understand what God is doing in the Middle East? Can you read the divine tea leaves? Do you know what Scripture says regarding God’s plan for Israel, Syria, and Egypt? Friends, please read the following passage taken from Scripture: In that day there will be five cities in Israel that speak the language … More What is God doing in the Middle East … Are you sure?

A Sweet and Sour Eschatology

Postmillenialists believe the world is getting better. According to their interpretation of certain scriptures, righteousness will gradually cover the land, God’s ethic will be more and more realized, and only after the Christianization of the nations will Jesus come again. A positive attitude towards the world’s temporal future is preached, encouraged, and (I might say) pretended. But there … More A Sweet and Sour Eschatology

Revelation 12 and 13

John, in his Revelation, receives three separate visions: seven churches, seven seals and seven trumpets. Now he  receives a fourth and it focuses on the pregnant mother, the promised son, the persecuted family, and the prince of darkness. Within the upcoming chapters one sees the church from beginning to end. If a student desires to … More Revelation 12 and 13