A Prayer for Dysfunctional Assemblies

Paul was the founder, former minister, and former moderator of a very dysfunctional assembly. His beloved church in Greece continually struggled with a host of missional, visional, theological, ministerial, and relational issues. Sometimes, sin was introduced to the church by lay-people living contrary to sacred Scripture. At other times, the sin and schism was encouraged by errant leaders — abusive or … More A Prayer for Dysfunctional Assemblies

Not Roman Catholic … But Holy Catholic

Would you like more cross-denominatinal, multi-ethnic, non-homogenous, eclectic worship services? Would you like to see brothers and sisters in Christ, who differ in theology, tradition, and practice, gathering together to celebrate Jesus Christ who binds all his children together? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend a Lord’s Day with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Presbyterian … More Not Roman Catholic … But Holy Catholic