The Gospel Promise of God’s Performance

Adam and Eve needed some good news. Consider what they had done. They had disbelieved the compassion and wisdom of their Heavenly Father. They had chosen to ally themselves with Lucifer and had defied the clearly stated law of God. Consequently, they brought upon themselves and their descendents spiritual deadness, emotional instability, relational chaos, environmental curse, generational … More The Gospel Promise of God’s Performance

It is Either “Do This” or “Done”

They were spiritually minded. They were ethical. They were dedicated and zealous. They were men of the cloth, men of the Book, and men willing to suffer for God and his visible church. They turned their backs on worldly normalcy and focused their attention on holy orders, holy ceremonies, holy actions, and holy abstentions. However, these two “holy men” were lost. Listen to … More It is Either “Do This” or “Done”