Perhaps the Best Contemporary Worship Song Ever Written

In a day and age when most traditional churches exclusively sang psalms, Isaac Watts (1647-1748) became a fervent contemporary writer of hymns. As the story goes, when as a young man he complained to his father about the monotonous way Christians sung in worship, his father, a leading deacon in the congregation, retorted, “Well then young … More Perhaps the Best Contemporary Worship Song Ever Written

The Contemporary Traditionalist

In the church, much is made over the words “contemporary” and “traditional.” Those who are considered “traditional” are often characterized by pews, organs, robes, suits, choirs, pulpits, hymns, liturgy, and reservedness in worship. In contrast, those who are considered “contemporary” are quite often recognized by their jeans, bands, lights, backdrops, video augmentations, and doxological exuberance. Traditional worship is often antique and … More The Contemporary Traditionalist