Women in the Church

In the first century, it was customary for Jewish men to daily recount their various blessings before the Lord. According to rabbinic tradition, pious men were to lift up their hands and give thanks in the following manner, “Lord, I thank you I am not a heathen; I thank you I am not illiterate; I thank you … More Women in the Church

Joseph: A Man’s Man

Sitcoms offend me. They present men as overgrown buffoons who never leave their adolescent foolishness. Gone are real men like Charles Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie” and Ben Cartwright in “Bonanza.” In their place are found lazy, selfish, effeminate, gluttonous, unfaithful, stupid, sex and video-game obsessed punks who cannot be trusted when their boss is … More Joseph: A Man’s Man