The Social Gospel

This was the final straw. After Jesus taught many parables, and presented this last word, the chief priests and the elders of Israel gathered in the palace of Caiaphas, the High Priest, to plot how they might kidnap and murder Jesus. (Matthew 26:3-5) What made them so violently angry at the miracle man who loved, … More The Social Gospel

From Selfish to Selfless

Lucifer is a selfish individual. He cares not about giving God the glory due his name. He cares not about the damage he has done to Adam, Eve, and their progeny. Satan winces not at the cursed condition of the planet. No, Lucifer only has eyes for himself. He is consumed with his own pleasure, power, and promotion. Herod, as presented in … More From Selfish to Selfless

Alien Muslim Importation: I Am A Torn Man

From a Conservative Point of View: What is the primary job of the state? From my point of view, our government exists to uphold the Constitution, protect personal freedoms, maintain the public infrastructure, and provide a more than adequate defense. Yes, my government is to be limited in its responsibility and power. Consequently, there are many things my limited … More Alien Muslim Importation: I Am A Torn Man