Far, Near, and One

Before our divine appointment with the Holy Spirit, we were dead in our trespasses and sins. Horribly, we walked according to the game-plan of this world and followed the leadership of the Prince of Darkness. Consequently, we were sons of disobedience who naturally and habitually followed the fluctuating whims of our fleshly lusts. Therefore, because of our exceeding … More Far, Near, and One

A Little Story About Jack and Diane

It was a horribly sad day in their marriage. Seductively, Jack was called and enticed. Foolishly, he was led by his loins. Recklessly, Jack forsook he his marital vows. Tragically, he betrayed his precious bride. Loving himself, hating his wife, and harming his children, Jack engaged in a sordid affair, and he did so with Diane’s greatest enemy. What a horribly … More A Little Story About Jack and Diane