The New Year … Coming Back to Gospel Reality

Agatha Christie, the famous mystery writer of the early 1900s, lived in Sunningdale, England. From an outsider’s perspective, all seemed well until one night she disappeared. Her family and the authorities commenced a search. Several days later, her abandoned and damaged car was discovered in a city about 100 miles away. However, Mrs. Christie was … More The New Year … Coming Back to Gospel Reality

A Better Husband

John Calvin wrote, “The Law was, as it were our husband, under whose yoke we were kept until it became dead to us.” What did our vaunted Christian father mean by such a statement? Had he become liberal and licentious in regards to God’s standards? Should he be grouped with those labeled “Antinomian?” Was he … More A Better Husband

Jesus Bids Us Obey

All of us should hunger and thirst to be in the family of God. As the Heavenly Patriarch, God is majestic and without comparison. There are no adjectives that can fully describe his honor, might, wisdom, and power. And regarding his love for his own, that is legendary! Towards his family members he is compassionate, … More Jesus Bids Us Obey