Can You Hear Me?

An honest and gut-wrenching song is performed by Mark Shultz. It is entitled, “He’s My Son,” and it is the song of a dad crying beside the bed of his very sick son. A link is provided below, but I warn you not to listen without a tissue. Mark Shultz, “He’s My Son” Are you … More Can You Hear Me?

Low Heat

This Sunday, I get the privilege of preaching for my friend, Joel Acevedo. He is the minister of the Hispanic congregation of Briarwood Presbyterian Church who has been leading his people through the book of 1 Peter. They have been working through the topic of Christ and Suffering. In studying for my upcoming sermon, I … More Low Heat

The Humbled Leader

Last Week’s Conversation I overheard a conversation the other day. It was between God and Satan, and it was about you. From time to time, Satan has been forced into God’s presence to be reviewed and humiliated. Together, we have read of such meetings in the book of Job. Well, it happened again the other day, and this time your name popped up. … More The Humbled Leader